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Disasters come in all sizes and prompt recovery can determine if/how your company survives.  Disasters can be categorized into:

-  Ransomware: This occurs when malicious software attacks your files and encrypts them while demanding a ransom to decrypt the files (Note:  Often files cannot be decrypted even with a key provided by the hackers).  Sophisticated Ransomware will search your office network for additional files and backup files which will all be encrypted and held for ransom.


-  Natural Disasters like floods and fires:  If you pull into the office parking lot and see firetrucks sitting in front of your office your are starting to have a bad day and the ability of your company to survive is at stake.

The mainstay of disaster recovery is having good backups which are stored in multiple locations.  These backups should be available on site and in a location off site in case of a Ransomware attack.

We are partnered with StorageCraft a network leader in local and cloud based data backup.  StorageCraft provides for rapid restoration on your hardware.

For our Healthcare customers, our cloud data storage meets all the security requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ​(HIPAA)

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