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Managed IT Services

Our Managed Service Program helps keep your systems up to date and secure.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Advance planning can help minimize downtime due to system failure or attack.  Planning can ensure a smooth return to operations

IT Consulting & Services 

O'Regan's, Inc. has long been involved in designing, installing and securing office networks for small healthcare entities.  We have worked with our clients to successfully complete HIPAA risk assessments.  Our expertise is now expanding into assisting manufacturers to meet new DOD security requirements which use a similar framework.  Let us help you meet your security requirements and preserve your intellectual property that you worked hard to create.

Why Choose Us?
We have been in business for over 15 years.  Give us a try.  You won't be disappointed.
Managed IT Services

We can help reduce the headache of office automation.  Our solution will reduce your office network downtime.

Disaster Recovery

Talk to us about your Disaster Recovery needs.  Don't wait until a fire or flood takes out your office.

Support Consulting

Need help drafting office policies for your systems and users.  Call us for help.


"Thanks for all your hard work in restoring our office network."

Ray King


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